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Skitz O'Phrenic
Skitz O'Phrenic: This is the guy in whose mind all this crazy junk happens. He was insitutionalized at one point, but escaped after it became apparent that treatment was impossible and it would be better to just put him out of his and everyone else's misery. Yeah, I know that's not how it works in the real world, but play along with me.

Total Personalities: 19 (6 primary personalities, 2 Kitten's parents, 1 garbage ninja, 1 waiter, 2 politians, 1 doctor, 2 movie theater customers, and 4 movie theater employees)

Odd (aka the Ego or the Stable, aka Schmee): Odd is the voice of rationality in an otherwise completely loony world. He has maintained this level of sanity through heavy application of sarcasm and apathy. He's also no fun and boring. Not good at parties unless it's as a decoration.

Kitten (aka the Id, aka Pretty Kitten): Kitten is not nessicarily evil so much as she is the physical manisfestation of every emotional and physical instinct that the human psyche possesses. She acts on feeling, self-gratification and impulses. This often times involves violence, as it is often a very gratifing affair. Her lunacy can actually shape the world around her much more potently than the others, as she is more likely to believe it.

Sophia (aka the Innocence or the Inner Child): Originally, upon making the comic, Sophia was referred to as the Ego. Since then, I've actually read Freud, and discovered that I was full of shit (Go figure). I was going to make her egotistical, but then I didn't. Probably because I have no idea how to be egotistical (Unless you think I am... then I guess I am... is that alright?) Since then Sophia has developted an adorable naivete and kind of loopy personality that I like much better than any of those ideas, anyway.

Maynard (aka the intellect): He's a cat. Supposedly, he's the most intelligent one, because he found that he can sleep all day for free. He can't talk.

Reverend Fred
Reverend Fred (aka the Superego): Righteous morality and spirituality isn't really funny. You won't see Fred very often unless I feel the need to pick on religion. Don't know why I haven't yet, really.

Omega (aka the Cruelty): Omega is the determinedly evil antagonist that the comic somehow went fifty strips without. His plans hardly ever work out quite right, but it's assumed he's dangerous in some way.

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