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~ Voices Art ~
UPDATED LAST: JAN 23rd, 2005
Darth Hysteria
Darth Hysteria (Dark Jedi Kitten)- Star Wars set #1
     Knights of the Old Republic seems to have turned me into a fanboy again. Not for Star Wars, but for Knights of the Old Republic. It's kinda silly really. I plan on making more of these with other characters.

~ The Sonic Roleplaying Forum Comic ~
     A sprite comic I've been making for a Sonic-related role-playing forum that I go to. Because I'm a nerd. A big one.
     In anycase, I've been told the comic's funny, and I put a lot of work into it for being a sprite comic. I hope to keep updating it. There's a lot of inside jokes most people probably won't get, because I don't bother to introduce the characters at all. I got this Characters page, if you're curious.

Current Issues:
Issue 001: Pilot Episode
  Issue 002: Attack of the Clones
  Issue 003: Having more than two panels is considered comic obesity, so consider this a diet you fat-ass comic gluttons!*
  Issue 004: The emergence of semi-continuity*
  Issue 005: Somehow I find the idea of Freddy and Alleah eating out at a classy restaurant the most absurd part of this comic.
  Halloween 2004
  Issue 006: Is God toast?
  Issue 007: The House on Not-Haunted Hill Part I

*Denotes a comic where someone else wrote most/all of the dialogue

~ TPCG Comix ~
     Yet another sprite comic I made for a Sonic the Hedgehog-based forum. I would give you A) a link to the forum and B) a character page, but I don't remember where the forum is, should it still be active, and there are far too many people for me to even think about attempting to make a character page. Deal with it. That's love.
     This was one of those things where I was just jacking around and came up with comics suddenly. The whole premise of them seems to be the breaking of the fourth wall.
     I will not be updating this one anytime in the near future.

Archived Episodes:
  Episode 1: "I want to eat your children"
  Episode 2: "If plotholes exist, then where did I get this lightsaber?"
  Episode 3: "For it hath cowed my better part of man" (WARNING! This one is about 500 kb)
  Episode 4: "If you strike me- ACK!"
  Episode 5: "There are no plotholes!"
  Episode 6: "You're dead; get over it."
  Episode 7: "Because I hate you"
  Episode 8: "Sorry, got carried away"
  Episode 9: "We need to get smarter friends..."
  Episode 10: "Wanna go get some burritos?"
  Episode 11: "I am a rapper that likes to rap about World History"
  Episode 12: Part one of the Giant Mutant Potato Saga
  Episode 13: Abrupt end to the Giant Mutant Potato Saga
  Episode 14: "More ammo than God"
  Episode 15: "We didn't even talk about him when he was alive."
  Episode 16: "*click*"
  Episode 17: "Hey! Get off my lawn, you punk kids!"
  Episode 18: "5) Become less dead"
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